Tampa Bay Rays 2020 | Frequently Asked Questions | Ballpark in Ybor City

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the purpose of Tampa Bay Rays 2020?

TBR2020 is a non-profit organization created by Tampa Bay business leaders and volunteers to raise Tampa Bay Community awareness, build private equity and support the overall movement to “Keep the Rays in Tampa Bay.”

Why is Ybor City an ideal location for the Tampa Bay Rays?

The central location of Ybor City delivers a much higher yield of total living and/or working people in a 30-minute drive time with 600,000 near Tropicana Field and 2.2M near the proposed Ybor City location.

Is this site the preferred location for the Tampa Bay Rays team ownership?

Rays principal owner Stuart Sternberg announced February 9, 2018 that the team wants to build its next ballpark in Ybor City, the historic neighborhood near downtown with baseball roots that go back a century.

On July 10, Tampa Bay Rays management team alongside the Tampa Bay Rays 2020 business leadership group unveiled the new Ballpark renderings to the public which can be found at http://ballparkreimagined.com.

Where exactly is the proposed location in Ybor City?

The chosen site for a new ballpark is a plot of warehouses and parking lots just north of the Ybor Channel. The 14-acres there are close to the vibrant and eclectic East Seventh Avenue as well as the city’s urban core and the burgeoning Water Street Tampa project.

What is the process for bringing the ballpark to Tampa?

Step one of the movement is to collect as many signatures as possible for the petition created to “Keep the Rays in Tampa Bay.” To sign the petition, please visit: www.tampabayrays2020.com.

Secondly, please post your support on social media too by sharing this website and asking everyone to help us “Keep the Rays in Tampa Bay.”

If you are a community leader, business owner, or a Tampa Bay Rays supporter, reach out to us today at www.tampabayrays2020.com/contact and we will get in touch with numerous ways you or your organization can support the movement to keep the Rays in Tampa Bay!

Who are the people leading the Tampa Bay Rays 2020 Movement?

Chuck Sykes, CEO of Sykes Enterprises and Ron Christaldi, Partner at Shumaker, Loop and Kendrick are co-founders of Tampa Bay Rays 2020.

Our Rays 100 is made up of business and community leaders who are dedicated to ushering in the next generation of Rays baseball in Tampa Bay. Our Vice-Chairs include Jason Woody and Mike Griffin. For a full list visit Rays 100. https://tampabayrays2020.com/therays100/

Who will pay for a new Ballpark?

Any new ballpark is a significant financial commitment. County/City leaders, private property owners and the Rays are looking at a broad array of options. When a financing plan is in place it will be made public. Speculation before then is premature.

What will the new Ballpark look like?

The Tampa Bay Rays proposed a unique, reimagined, intimate neighborhood ballpark designed for fan comfort and game certainty. The ballpark will be fully-enclosed, featuring a fixed translucent roof and dramatic sliding glass exterior walls to help bring the ”outside in” while honoring Ybor City’s 125-year baseball history and strengthening the community by connecting it to Tampa’s urban fabric and the region.

Tampa Bay Rays are directing everyone to http://ballparkreimagined.com/ where you can share your thoughts and feedback.

What can you do to help?

If you are part of a community organization, we want to speak to you. To book a speaker, contact us today through www.tampabayrays2020.com/contact.

Also, follow, like, share us on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) and encourage everyone to show their support by signing up on our home page. www.tampabayrays2020.com.

How can a business help to partner with Tampa Bay Rays 2020?

First, go to www.tampabayrays2020.com and sign the petition to “Keep the Rays in Tampa Bay.”

Second, contact us today at www.tampabayrays2020.com/contact and let us know you and/or your business is interested in supporting the movement.

Lastly, visit www.tampabayrays2020.com/promote to download e-mail signatures, e-mail templates, digital banners, advertisements and various other promotional tools that you can share with your networks.

When might the Ballpark open?

The Tampa Bay Rays have five more seasons at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg.

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